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GLO Professional Whitening Achieves a 92% Rating from Dental Advisor

GLO Professional Whitening Achieves a 92% Rating from Dental Advisor

Combining in-office and at-home whitening technology, GLO Science’s Dual Whitening System received high scores in the latest reviews by The Dental Advisor.

Since 1983, Dental Advisor has been a trusted expert to dental professionals worldwide with concise, accurate, and objective information.  The publication recently awarded GLO’s Professional Dual Whitening System a 92 percent rating in the clinical product evaluation featured in its March-April issue.

The GLO Pro Chairside Kit and GLO Pro Take-Home Kits, which were evaluated by 21 consultants, were regarded as the “complete kit.” The study showed GLO Science ranked 67 percent better than competitors’ products, and more than 80 percent of consultants said they would recommend the product. One clinician even commended the kit as “the most innovative and effective product I have seen in a long while.”

A main highlight was the treatment’s efficient, easy-to-use application both at the dentist’s office and at home. The Take-Home Kit allows patients to maintain their brightest results between their trips to the dentist. Since GLO designs its products with patient comfort and compliance in mind, the whitening system minimizes sensitivity and is a viable option for those who want the same results without the compromises of traditional whitening technologies.

Moreover, the review gave GLO top marks for patient satisfaction and time required for whitening. Unlike other professional teeth whitening products, GLO Professional Whitening guarantees less chair time and brightens teeth up to 12 shades whiter in 32 minutes.

The award-winning innovation lies in the closed-system mouthpiece which combines LED light with built-in heat resistors. The patented Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) technology uses controlled warming heat to activate the professional-strength GLO Professional Whitening Gel, preventing whitening oxygens from escaping from the mouth for faster, long-lasting results.

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